Exercise : Web Analytics Use on Company Website

For our second take home class assignments for my Interactive Marketing class we’re responsible on reading three articles on the subject of web analytics in Occam’s Razor blog written by Google’s Analytics Evangelist, Avinash Kaushik.  Our second exercise is to check our employer’s website and if it has analytics.  If our company did not add analytics to their website, then we would have to get one started.

To answer the question for the assignment:  Yes, my employer has added analytics on its website to track daily visitors.  To be exact, my employer uses Google Analytics.  The java script was located at the footer of the page source.

(See screen shot below)

I was one step ahead and wanted to check my employers website analytics but I would have needed our web administrator rights to access content from Google Analytics.

I created my own Google Analytics account and was hoping to use the “UA” code on a website I could access, such as my WordPress Blog but the free version of WordPress will not allow other types of web analytics for tracking.  I found the following link which halted my efforts.  Forum>Staff Question>Google Analytics Code.

I’ve learned a lot of useful information about web analytics from Avinash Kaushik Blog articles, a little too much that I’ll be tossing in my bed thinking of acquisition segments all night long.  Topics of highlight from the reading are: measurement framework, how to apply segments, analyzing data and the use behind social media analysis.

There are many fun examples you can learn from his readings.  Also, don’t forget to buy his book Web Analytics 2.0 on Amazon.com.  He mentions a good example of segmented acquisition display in the CD located in the back of this book.  He suggests to borrow the dashboard excel spreasheet example for your company.

Follow Avinash on Twitter @Avinash and @MarketMotive.

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