Show and Tell: Social Media Content Creation, Brand Management, and Event Planning

THRIVE 2015 Conference Sponsorship

Project Scope: Coordinated Avison Young’s sponsorship of THRIVE conference; Traveled to the Marriott Westfields in Chantilly, VA to set up sponsorship event table; Used corporate display materials along with other takeaway pieces; Tracked social media exposure of the event.

#THRIVEinVA Tweets posted by Ann Pisano from @mrsannpisano

#THRIVEinVA Tweets posted from Ann Pisano for @DanGonzalezAY

Digital District Events

Project Scope: #DDElections: Found a sponsor to donate event space and host our “Elections & Advocacy in the Digital Age” panel event; Provided copy for event sponsorship tweets for @DigitalDistrict; Designed event poster graphic to be used for Eventbrite page, Twitter, and Facebook posts; Traveled to event space to listen and participate in panel following the event hashtag.

#DDElections tweets drafted by Ann Pisano and posted from @DigitalDistrict or @mrsannpisano

@TheJournalizer mentioned the #DDElections event poster I designed and produced with


Time to Get Back on the Blogging Bandwagon

Photo courtesy of Kathleen Hertel Photography

Photo courtesy of Kathleen Hertel Photography

It’s been well over a year since I’ve posted updates on my WordPress. The purpose of this WordPress was to document class assignments from my digital media management courses at Georgetown University. Learning more about digital marketing, digital media and channel management was a great learning experience and I highly recommend their programs.

Now that it’s 2013 I’ll begin to share more of my personal interests and industry related topics. Those who have waited patiently enough to see what I’d write about next, thanks for reading and stay tuned.

Social Media Week

Hope to see some familiar faces during this years Social Media Week #SMW12 in Washington, DC.  I’m planning to attend the following events.  Check out Social Media Week 2012 – Live Infographics

Monday, February 13th

Creating & Managing High Quality Online Conversations

Wednesday, February 15th

The Realities of a Converging Media Environment: How to Maximize Digital and Traditional Media to Drive Competitive Advantage

Get Social with Opower During Social Media Week



Stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation

Please take a moment, if you haven’t done so and sign this petition to Stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation also known as PROTECT IP ACT (PIPA) in the Senate and Stop Online Piracy ACT (SOPA) in the House.  The Senate will begin voting on January 24th.

Google’s  Take Action page —

Electronic Frontier Foundation page  —

Wikipedia’s page (to contact your elected officials) —

How Social Media and Interactive Marketing Entices Retail Shopping

Retail companies are improving their marketing strategies to drive new and loyal customers through their stores.  They have become more involved in the use of social media and interactive marketing to entice its shoppers.  An outfitters retailer, who has successfully used these new marketing methods effectively is REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated).

From what I remember, my very first REI shopping experience was a pleasant one. The purpose of visiting their store was to tune-up my bike and buy additional accessories. Once I visited the cashier to close out my purchases, the cashier asked if I signed up to become a REI dividends member.  There was a one-time fee of $20.00 to become a lifetime REI dividends member, so I signed up out of convenience. Afterwards, they proceeded to collect my contact information to send me catalogs and emails advertising their promotional events and sales. Members can update their “opt-in” or “opt-out” settings by either visiting REI’s Privacy Policy page located on their website or by choosing to unsubscribe in REI’s email newsletters.

One example of an “opt-in” email subscription is a  personalized newsletter (first screen shot). REI sends a weekly or monthly email newsletter advertising a schedule of events by your local REI retailer.

Another example of an “opt-in” email subscription that REI sends more frequently is the example below (second screen shot). When the user clicks on various areas of the email it redirects the subscribers to REI’s online store. As you can see, the email is consistent with REI’s website branding.


Social Media
Within the last two years, REI has added social media to its advertising. Links to REI’s social media pages are displayed on the home page of the REI website, in email newsletters as well as displayed on printed catalog and postcard advertisements.

:: Facebook ::

Fan pages are effective like an e-commerce websites.  REI’s Facebook fan page allows users to view and access wall posts, participate in polls, add or view product photos, click on links to featured items, read how-to-articles shared by experts, watch instructional videos and use the store locator.

:: Twitter ::

Customers can follow the REI Twitter account and engage with their community manager with questions on products or participate in promotional deals. REI’s community manager also provides customer service by answering followers tweets.

:: YouTube ::

REI customers can access hundreds of helpful instructional videos from REI’s YouTube channel. A YouTube video can be shared across maybe social media pages. One can also insert the YouTube source code in your blog or website.

Interactive Marketing

REI has adopted several interactive marketing initiatives.  The store locator QR Code located on the back of the REI catalogs (bottom left image).  Customers can scan the QR Code with their mobile smart phone and be redirect to the mobile REI store locator page (iPhone mobile web example, bottom right image).

Mobile Advertising

Another example of interactive marketing is mobile advertising.  REI has added REI apps mobile apps for the iPhone and Android smart phones. iPhone users can find the REI mobile apps by visiting the page and clicking on the link to download the iPhone app (orange buttons shown on the screen shot image below).   For Android mobile users, scan the QR Code shown below to be redirected to Android REI app download.  The two REI apps available are the REI App and the Snow and Ski Report by REI App.

Exercise : Web Analytics Use on Company Website

For our second take home class assignments for my Interactive Marketing class we’re responsible on reading three articles on the subject of web analytics in Occam’s Razor blog written by Google’s Analytics Evangelist, Avinash Kaushik.  Our second exercise is to check our employer’s website and if it has analytics.  If our company did not add analytics to their website, then we would have to get one started.

To answer the question for the assignment:  Yes, my employer has added analytics on its website to track daily visitors.  To be exact, my employer uses Google Analytics.  The java script was located at the footer of the page source.

(See screen shot below)

I was one step ahead and wanted to check my employers website analytics but I would have needed our web administrator rights to access content from Google Analytics.

I created my own Google Analytics account and was hoping to use the “UA” code on a website I could access, such as my WordPress Blog but the free version of WordPress will not allow other types of web analytics for tracking.  I found the following link which halted my efforts.  Forum>Staff Question>Google Analytics Code.

I’ve learned a lot of useful information about web analytics from Avinash Kaushik Blog articles, a little too much that I’ll be tossing in my bed thinking of acquisition segments all night long.  Topics of highlight from the reading are: measurement framework, how to apply segments, analyzing data and the use behind social media analysis.

There are many fun examples you can learn from his readings.  Also, don’t forget to buy his book Web Analytics 2.0 on  He mentions a good example of segmented acquisition display in the CD located in the back of this book.  He suggests to borrow the dashboard excel spreasheet example for your company.

Follow Avinash on Twitter @Avinash and @MarketMotive.

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